Award-winning investigative reporter John Solomon is hearing through his sources that President Trump is placing the “finishing touches” on his initiative to declassify Russia probe documents. This is a bold move that would shed a great deal of light on the two-year witch-hunt and subsequent FISA (and possible constitutional) abuses that occurred along the way.

The move to declassify Russia Probe documents is a positive one, however, Solomon says there is much more to be done. He points to three other Obama-era documents, that if declassified, could actually change history.

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Solomon goes on to say that the release of these three documents would not only bring much-needed transparency but would act as almost like an education tool for the public by fundamentally changing the country’s perspective of our government.

My sources tell me President Trump is putting the finishing touches on a White House initiative to declassify documents that have remained hidden from the public for far too long.

This welcome effort to provide more public transparency and accountability almost certainly will focus early on the failings of the now-debunked Russia collusion probe. And I’m sure it will spread quickly toward other high-profile issues, such as the government’s UFO files that have been a focus of clamoring for decades.

But my reporting indicates three sets of documents from the Obama years should be declassified immediately, too, because they will fundamentally change the public’s understanding of history and identify ways to improve governance.

The first includes the national security assessments that the U.S. intelligence community conducted under President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton concerning the Russia nuclear giant Rosatom’s effort to acquire uranium business in the United States.


A second body of documents crying out for declassification is Obama’s private correspondence with Iranian leaders — in particular, the Oct. 7, 2014, cable he penned to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, setting the terms for the controversial Washington-Tehran nuclear deal reached in early 2016.

My sources tell me that letter conflicts with what the Obama administration was telling the American public as it tried to sell the deal politically, and it shows a level of courtship, concession and trust with Tehran that exceeded the U.S. intelligence assessments at the time.


The final Obama-era tranche that requires declassification concerns Hillary Clinton’s email controversy — a highly classified set of documents that FBI agents identified as important and necessary in the investigation into whether she violated the law by transmitting classified emails on her unsecured private server.

As I wrote last week, the agents never got to review those documents in 2016 before then-FBI Director James Comey unilaterally decided not to seek criminal charges against Mrs. Clinton.

The Justice Department’s internal watchdog in 2018 provided Congress a classified annex explaining how the FBI intended to examine that secret evidence, but never did. Sources who have seen the annex say it contains explosive revelations about what really happened with Clinton’s emails and the national security concerns that her conduct raised.

Uranium One, the Iran deal, Clinton’s emails — all have dominated headlines for many years without a full public accounting.

Trump has an unprecedented opportunity to close the loop on these controversies and to give Americans more transparency and visibility into what happened, as well as how we can make government better when national security is at stake. [The Hill]

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All too often, Democrats and globalists are allowed to lurk and work in the shadows, free from prying eyes.

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We must take advantage of this time in history to call upon President Trump to declassify any documents that can give us the knowledge and power to begin revamping this corrupt government of ours.

It’s imperative that we have a government that actually works for the people, not against the people.


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