Former VP Joe Biden was giving a speech to likely Iowa Caucus participants when he got personal with Pres. Trump.

In the Iowa summer heat, Biden spoke to the crowd for nearly an hour before he got to the part where he told the audience that they were going to make Trump “feel the pain.”

Biden has been talking tough for over a year now and it seems like he wants to go that road when speaking to his base. Biden feels like Trump is like a paper tiger who folds when challenged. Biden feels that Trump isn’t up to the task of dealing with China, but the irony here is that he and the rest of Washington didn’t do anything to fix China in the past.

Biden: “He thinks he’s being tough. Well, like everything else, he’s always tough when he’s not the guy getting hit; he’s always tough when someone else is feeling the pain, and he’s not. But we’re going to make him feel the pain.”

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How is Biden supposed to get it done? He spouts all this braggadocio nonsense, but he’s several years older than Trump, and, unlike 45, is losing control of his mental facilities. Also, sneaking up behind Trump and sniffing his hair won’t get it done, either.

Trump has withstood non-stop assault from the lamestream media and even beat a partisan special counsel investigation and he wins every single time. That’s tougher than anything this country has seen coming from DC while bumbling Joe finds it tough to remember what year it is.

If this crowd of “candidates” is the best the DNC has they have some big problems.


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