We’ve all been thinking it, talking about it, sharing memes and stories about it…But until now, the “D” word, as it pertains to Joe Biden, has been off-limits in the mainstream media.

However, that’s all changed now, thanks to Fox News Senior Political Analyst Brit Hume, who finally had the guts to stop calling Biden’s missteps “gaffes” and “blunders,” and instead called them what they are…Dementia.

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Hume addressed the matter in a tweet, where he acknowledged that Biden has always been known for gaffes. However, as Hume points out, things feel “different” this time around – ‘Uncle Joe’ is clearly now more like ‘Great-Grandpa Joe.’ And as Brit boldly stated, the gaffes are not just misspeaking anymore, they feel more serious than that.

Let’s be honest, Brit Hume is right – Biden’s confusion feels more closely associated with memory loss (dementia) and senility, than just ‘goofy gaffes.’

Hume was specifically referring to Biden mixing up which state he was in while talking with the media.

“I love this place. Look, what’s not to like about Vermont in terms of the beauty of it,” the former vice president said — standing squarely in the state of New Hampshire.

We all swap syllables, flub phonemes and confuse the occasional consonant. There are lots of neurons up there working as hard as they can, and every now and then something breaks.

For most of us though, those problems aren’t very common, and that is Hume’s point.

If Biden had only slipped up once, we could chalk it up to any number of things, accidentally misspeaking being the most likely.

But Biden hasn’t slipped up just once. He’s slipped up over and over.

The reflexive response, among those who support Biden, might be that he misspeaks more than average Americans because he speaks more than the average American. [Conservative Tribune]

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What’s most concerning, is that our mainstream media and Democrats routinely claim our very stable and capable President Trump is mentally “unfit” to hold office, yet on the flip side, they’re propping up an elderly gentleman who shows clear sign of Dementia as a solid and viable presidential candidate.

Regardless of their snow job, the media and Democrats are becoming increasingly nervous about Great-Grandpa Joe.

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