Laura Loomer’s life has taken a serious direction change and this time she’s taking gigantic steps.

Loomer has decided to run for Congress. She’s running against Democrat Rep. Lois Frankel. What makes this a difficult climb for Loomer is, she is one of the most banned public figures out there. Paypal, Twitter, Uber, Lyft, GoFundMe, and others shut down their services to Loomer because of a concerted effort to silence her voice.

I feel any attempt to raise monies for her campaign or take a few steps forward could be derailed at any times but we shall see.

“My opponent cares far more about radical leftist special interests, her anti-Semitic colleagues, and protecting criminal illegal aliens from deportation than about her district and constituents here in Florida who she’s supposed to be working for, not against,” Loomer said in a statement.

Karen Giorno, who served as the Florida state director for Trump’s 2016 campaign, will lead Loomer’s House bid, according to the announcement.

Loomer has generated backlash over past anti-Muslim remarks and has faced numerous bans on online platforms.

She was kicked off PayPal in February and was previously kicked off Twitter. She said she has also been banned from GoFundMe and Venmo, and she was banned from Uber and Lyftafter calling for the creation of a new rideshare app that does not employ Muslims. [The Hill]

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Without Facebook and Twitter, Loomer is already behind the eight-ball in reaching a larger audience. She currently relies on Telegram to get her message out but is it going to be enough?

Time will tell.


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