CNN has lied to the American people on numerous occasions.

They create one-sided panels and try to change the narrative to fit their agenda, but they were not watching their backs on this one. CNN likes to pull voter’s heartstrings with stories about separated children at the border or illegal aliens being deported. In this case, they decided to report on a “Guatemalan” immigrant mother who was arrested during an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raid at a food processing plant.

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Her name was Maria Domingo-Garcia, and CNN claimed that this young mother is still in the stages of breastfeeding her child. The Daily Caller did some background checking on the news network and found that not only did the “most trusted news network” lie about the mother’s nationality, but they also lied about Domingo-Garcia breastfeeding according to ICE.

When Domingo-Garcia was asked was she nursing her child, she initially said “no.” A follow-up medical examination was performed, confirming that CNN had exaggerated the young mother’s condition, and it also found that the young mother was not even lactating.

An ICE spokesman said: “All ICE detainees receive medical, dental and mental health intake screening within 12 hours of arriving at each detention facility. That screening includes a woman being asked if she is breastfeeding. During her initial medical screening, Ms. Domingo-Garcia answered no to that question.”

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CNN won’t apologize, or their lie and nobody should expect them too. Why should they, all the stories they communicate are fake news already so what’s to apologize for?

Sensationalist news coverage, publishing false narratives, fabricating headline gossip to further the liberal agenda that the liberals half-ass support themselves. How much emphasis on credibility can you give and organization that supports Infanticide and handouts American Citizenship to an individual illegally here just because their birth occurred on American soil?

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Let’s not forget handing out Social Security to those who aren’t citizens and haven’t contributed when we have citizens who are here legally, they have contributed, and they get denied or don’t receive an amount that will even allow then to exist in poverty.

When will CNN learn how to perform actual journalism and report the facts and the facts only. CNN will never apologize for yet again lying to the American public. We all know that they are far left-leaning and will only state the false narrative that satisfies the Left’s insanity. I only hope that they realize how they are contributing to the destruction of the United States.


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