By David Kamioner | August 12, 2019

We all know what is still the big story. So let’s get right to it, as…

This is Monday Briefing:

  • Irony escapes the Democratic Party and its inmates these days. Evidence of such is Dem candidates O’Rourke and Booker going after the president as Trump retweeted a line from a comedian about supposed Clinton involvement in the Epstein death. That drew the ire of the depressing duo, who both ignored the fact that they themselves have been repeating the Russian hoax conspiracy theory for almost three years. Mueller and others have shown the Russian witch hunt to be so much garbage. But that doesn’t stop the Dems. Trump knows the jury is still out on the Epstein deal, which most people acknowledge stinks to high heaven. Hence the tweet. It also is instructive that Dems feel they must defend the Clintons, instead of ignoring it as an absurdity, when it comes to a charge of murder.
  • In Leftist Irony Example Number Two of late, Universal Studios has cancelled release of the film “The Hunt,” a movie where Trump supporters are hunted for game by leftists. This strikes Hollywood as good clean fun, killing those whom they disagree with politically. But when maniacs follow their lead and massacre innocents out of similar notions, every attention-seeking airhead in SoCal pulls out the crocodile tears and white hankies. So, going by recent leftist logic, how are the writers and producers of “The Hunt” not responsible for the El Paso shooting?
  • Democratic leader and chakra alignment maven Marianne Williamson blamed her low poll numbers on “powerful forces on the left.” Please no. Please Marianne, do not come over to the right by default. We already have enough problems. I hear the Libertarians have an opening.
  • Actual Russians have not fared well this week, as one of their new and much hyped Zircon hypersonic missiles went an inadvertent kaboom during testing in Nyonoska, a region in the sub-Arctic. High radiation levels have reached over 18 miles from the accident site and two-headed wolves have been heard reciting Pushkin. So much for Soviet…er…um…Russian technology.
  • Brave but doomed Hong Kong protesters press the issue as poised on the border People’s Liberation Army troops train for riot control and urban warfare. Most likely not entirely a coincidence.
  • The Italians are on the verge of installing a new conservative government under Northern League Party leader and current Federal Interior Secretary Matteo Salvini. The Interior Department there does not handle national parks and hat-wearing bear adverts, as does ours. It is an internal security agency a bit like DHS. If Salvini pulls it off he will lead, perhaps vying with Hungary and Poland, the most conservative government in all of Europe. It’s the coolest thing they’ve done since “La Dolce Vita.” Viva Italia!
  • Joe Scarborough of MSNBC thinks the Russians knocked off Epstein. He also thinks they rubbed out Amelia Earhart and is planning a multipart series on Trump’s responsibility for the demise of Rin Tin Tin. He gives them a pass on Trotsky though.
  • In a beneficent act, Chase Bank in Canada, before closing down its business there, wiped away the credit card debt, all of it, from the accounts of its Canadian customers. No, for real. Dead Scottish genius Adam Smith is somewhere happy about this. Braindead American fake pleb Bernie Sanders is not.
  • And finally, serial cheater and drug abuser Lance Armstrong boasted on Twitter Saturday about “blowing the f—ing doors off Mike Pence” on a Nantucket bike path. He closed the tweet with “day made.” Let’s see, Armstrong is a disgraced former bike champion. Pence is a former congressman, governor, and now veep who was out for a bike ride. Big victory, Lance. Much like the way you “blew the doors off” all those honest competitors during your doped up and devoid of honor sports career. Men of obvious little integrity usually don’t make great moral braggarts. Especially after they get caught. Have a nice week.

This piece originally appeared in OpsLens and is used by permission.

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