Rep. Jim Jordan was, as always, awesome, but the gavel is quick to come down on anything uncomplimentary.

The conclusion I have drawn so far is that other than putting his face on the investigation and signing off on the report, Robert Mueller had very little to do with any of it. He knows nothing.

Mueller: “I can’t get into that”

Jordan: “Yes, you can. It’s in your report”


I wish I was a fly on the wall to listen to the Democrats discussing how to move forward after Jordan destroyed Mueller right before the break.

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This whole thing is sad. It is like going to a nursing home and watching an elderly gentleman fumble with words and books while understanding little of any of it. Mueller acts as he has never heard any of this stuff. He acts either over- or under-medicated. If this is the savior of the Democrat Party, it is screwed.

One more dog and pony show without any substance of how and who orchestrated this witch hunt against our President. When will we see iron bracelets on those who spent 40 million of “our” tax dollars on a nothing burger?

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