CNN’s New Day John Berman tried to shame an underdog Republican candidate, Robert Foster because he wouldn’t grant a Mississippi reporter access to him for an interview when they were alone.

Foster explained very eloquently why he felt the need to ask Mississippi Today reporter Larrison Campbell to bring someone along with her for the interview if they were going to have one. Larrison made a massive deal about it, and the story wound up on CNN. Larrison also embellished the story that she had been barred from Foster’s campaign because she is a woman.

It turns out that Foster was smart in decision making if Campbell felt she had to grow this request into a scandal for the Republican candidate.

Foster is married, and, understandably, he would request someone else to be present if there was going to be an interview so he would feel comfortable. This #MeToo movement, created by the left is the reason why men think this way. They don’t want to feel set up or want to be lied on while being trashed in the public eye. Not one person can say that doesn’t happen so again; Foster is justified for his thought process.

Berman asked Foster over the phone “if a man reporter had asked for a ride-along, would you have granted him a solo interview?”

Foster: “I would have. I didn’t want to end up in a situation where me and Ms. Campbell were alone for an extended period of time within that 15 to 16-hour day. So out of precaution, I wanted to have her bring someone with her, a male colleague…This is my truck, and in my truck, we go by my rules. And that’s my rule.”

Foster: “I trust myself completely, but I don’t trust the perception that the world puts on people when they see things and they don’t ask the questions and don’t look to find out the truth. Perception is reality in this world and I don’t want to give anybody the opinion I’m doing something I should not be doing.”

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Here’s another red flag for the woman reporter. She responded: “Why is it my responsibility to make you feel comfortable?… Why is the onus on me to bring someone along?”

How many of you agree with me that this woman is trouble and the Republican candidate made the right decision?


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