On Friday, Pres. Donald Trump once again told reporters he was unhappy with Rep. Ilhan Omar and others calling our country garbage along with disavowing the North Carolina rally chant “send her back.”

Trump: “I’m unhappy with the fact that a congresswoman can say anti-Semitic things. I’m unhappy with the fact that a congresswoman in this case, a different congresswoman, can call our country and our people garbage,”

“But I’m unhappy when a congresswoman goes and says, I’m going to be the president’s nightmare. She’s going to be the president’s nightmare. She’s lucky to be where she is, let me tell you, and the things that she has said are a disgrace to our country.”

The nightmare thing? Omar arrived back in her home state to a small crowd at the airport. She gave a little speech to rally her base.

Omar: “His nightmare is seeing the beautiful mosaic fabric of our country welcome someone like me as their member of Congress. We are going to continue being a nightmare to this president because his policies are a nightmare to us.”

Does anything Omar say sound like she represents Americans and American interests? Everything I hear her say sounds as it could come from the mouth of someone from countries that say the US is the big Satan and Israel is the little Satan. If she has any interest in helping Americans or helping America, she sure has fooled me.

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There is a heck of a lot to dislike about this woman. Fraud, hatred of Jews and Israel and so forth, plus she continually pushes herself into the public eye and cries when she encounters any resistance or push-back, hiding behind her race, gender, and faith.

I doubt very much that it is mere criticism of Pres. Trump has people so riled up against her. Instead, it probably has more to do with her demonstrated hatred of America while at the same time proclaiming that she is somehow more patriotic than other Americans.


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