Pres. Trump doubled down on his attacks on Baltimore’s elected congressman Elijah Cummings after the lawmaker made it his life’s goal to sabotage the Trump Administration after he defended Barack Obama’s foolishness for eight years.

Cummings’ district is in serious trouble with the crime and the school bullying which reports claim cases have doubled in the last couple of years.

READ: School Bullying Cases “Double” 227-539 In Rep. Elijah Cummings Howard County District

On Saturday, Pres. Trump called out Cummings over his Baltimore district failures and even some citizens came out in support of Trump. Democrat leaders along with the media went after Trump for embarrassing Cummings. They went as far as to bring “race” into the equation.

On Sunday morning, Trump didn’t back down, primarily because he is right.

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So sad that Elijah Cummings has been able to do so little for the people of Baltimore. Statistically, Baltimore ranks last in almost every major category. Cummings has done nothing but milk Baltimore dry, but the public is getting wise to the bad job that he is doing!

Someone please explain to Nancy Pelosi, who was recently called racist by those in her own party, that there is nothing wrong with bringing out the very obvious fact that Congressman Elijah Cummings has done a very poor job for his district and the City of Baltimore. Just take…

….a look, the facts speak far louder than words! The Democrats always play the Race Card, when in fact they have done so little for our Nation’s great African American people. Now, lowest unemployment in U.S. history, and only getting better. Elijah Cummings has failed badly!

Speaking of failing badly, has anyone seen what is happening to Nancy Pelosi’s district in San Francisco. It is not even recognizeable lately. Something must be done before it is too late. The Dems should stop wasting time on the Witch Hunt Hoax and start focusing on our Country!

“Elijah Cummings has had his chance to address it (crime & conditions in Baltimore) for decades, and he hasn’t gotten it done.” @PeteHegseth @foxandfriends How can he get it done when he just wants to use his Oversight Committee to hurt innocent people and divide our Country!

I’ve noticed Democrats get aggressive when you threaten to take their rats away.

To funny that Trump didn’t mention race once yet the headline makes it sound like he is targeting minorities. He is targeting the lawlessness of Baltimore and the failure of the Democratic leadership to do anything about it. The Democratic party USES the minority voters, those who allow themselves to use anyway and then does nothing to improve their conditions.

If they improved their conditions in places like Baltimore, they would lose the ability to make promises because the citizens there would be able to take care of themselves.

The Democratic party wants people dependent upon the Government instead of being prosperous through their own actions.


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