Steve Harvey is willing to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem. Now if only there were more like him.

I remember the day that comedian Steve Harvey traveled to Trump Tower to meet with then-elect Pres. Trump.  I was shocked to see Harvey walk up to Trump Tower, but there was a sense of happiness in my heart because I was hoping that this would be the start of something. Some validation, to help bring this country together from what we had experienced over the previous eight years.

This country had gone through so much division, most of it among racial lines dealing with law enforcement. Some felt lawlessness spreading across the country, which is why America decided to choose Trump over then-Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Things were getting too bad, and we needed a shot in the arm of hope.

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Harvey, who campaigned against Trump during the general election, was a friend of Barack Obama and was probably one of the last people you would see visiting the new leader. But he did, and for that, he was crucified on social media by black America, who called him a coon,  sellout, traitor and Uncle Tom.

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Harvey wanted to explain that time and let people know how that affected him and his family. In the video below, he taught so many things. I wish everyone could see this and then fix themselves.


Social media is not good for everyday individuals. The tribal attitude and echo chamber have hurt our social fabric to where nobody is listening or reading anymore. When I say nobody is reading, there are more headline jumpers than you can shake a stick. More people want to be told what the story is about than clicking on it to read. More people make up their minds to like or dislike based on the art of selling a headline.

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Harvey thought of a way to give back and told the incoming President, this is what would help, and he was destroyed on social media just for taking the meeting. Steve was a victim in a chance to make things better for Black citizens in America, and that should never happen.

I don’t want you leaving this article, making snide comments about those who didn’t accept Harvey’s meeting with Trump. Pray for them and ask God to change their hearts. Harvey is working with Dr. Ben Carson over at Housing and Urban Development to fix years of abuse and neglect.

I appreciate Steve, and even though we don’t see eye to eye on politics, his heart is in the right place. I am glad the audience Harvey spoke to was receptive to what he said because you can’t give that speech to everybody, and get the reaction he received, which is a shame.


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