MSNBC show host Al Sharpton joined the Morning Joe on Monday morning to speak on the black community as if he were its leader.

Let me say, Sharpton, is not the leader of anyone. Too many people have given him relevance and kept him around as if they need to keep around a wart. Sharpton doesn’t bother white progressives, so they tolerate him and then allow him to shoot down the right-wing voters and politicians with reckless abandon during election time.

In the video below, Sharpton claimed that the black vote is not a lock for any 2020 presidential candidate, as if he would know. Black voters left the Democratic Party a long time ago, it just that Democrats don’t understand it.

Sharpton: “You’re going to have to prove that you represent people’s interests, that you really understand their life and that you have a clear track record that makes people believe that you’ll do it,” Sharpton explained.

“[P]eople are still saying, ‘I’m not sure yet. So, I think anyone that thinks that the black vote is a lock for anyone is someone that is kidding themselves at this point. Blacks, like anyone else, are going to vote their interests and what is going to be something that directly deals with their needs of our communities.”

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What’s the first thing you think of when you see Sharpton?

It will be interesting to see how the democratic “coalition” works out. From watching the media, the immigrant populations are the winners. And mostly the Hispanics. They get the most attention and promises.

So they now have to try and balance between the black community, the Hispanic community, the Muslim community, and the LGBT+ community. Not sure all these communities are in alignment. Don’t think they can appease them all.

Democrats don’t care if blacks leave the party. The party abandoned them for the illegal alien vote. This upcoming Presidential election will be the most corrupt election in America’s history. Why do you think the Dems have fought against voter ID and fought to allow illegals to get drivers licenses. The candidates are even campaigning in Mexico, not New Mexico, MEXICO. Twenty-four million illegal voters can easily swing the election.

When he says “the vote is a lock for someone”… he means someone who’s a Democrat. He is NOT saying Trump has a chance at a majority of the Black vote. He doesn’t, the racial brainwashing undertaken by the Democrat party has been extensive and in-depth and long-running, it’s not going away overnight. Trump should do better than the last election, but it won’t be by much.


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