Anthony Scaramucci, the former White House communications director, sent a warning to the White House on Thursday morning to Pres. Donald Trump that he and many other supporters will abandon him if he continues to engage in racist rhetoric.

CNN host Alisyn Camerota couldn’t get Scaramucci on the hot seat quick enough to get his take on the “sends her back” chants at Trump’s rally Thursday night. The opposition media has been targeting Trump’s tweets against Rep. Ilhan Omar and the Radical Four, as nothing but racism instead of patriotism which others have determined.

Scaramucci said that Trump’s recent remarks could be seen as “racist rhetoric,” adding that it was “against the idealistic values of America.” He also added that Trump is running the risk of alienating voters he needs to secure re-election.

Camerota brought reminded Scaramucci that he has called Trump’s remarks “reprehensible, racist, and neanderthalish,” and asked, “and yet; you still support him?”

Scaramucci: “I do. if he continues on that path, he’s going to lose a glacier of support. Its gonna break off and float away from him in a way he doesn’t understand.”

Camerota: “Would you still support him? If he continues with these tweets, he would lose your support?

Scaramucci: “not just my support. He has friends of his in the White House that are working for him that are telling reporters ‘These tweets are racist, but I can’t say anything because I got to keep my job.’”

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Scaramucci is all over the map in trying to have his cake and eat it too with this interview.


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