Rep. Ilhan Omar is running the gambit seeking support from anywhere and everywhere.

Along with ripping U.S. relations with Israel and claiming our country is doing it “for the benjamins,” Omar has made some incendiary claims against the United States which have angered many Americans. Democrat leaders, including Rep. Nancy Pelosi, chose to increase Omar’s security instead of condemning her actions.

In the last couple of months, Omar has called for Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Department of Homeland Security to be shut down. This latest move of slamming law enforcement under the umbrella of “police brutality” should have been seen too.

“This is not justice. In order to address the systematic and institutionalized racism in our country, we must confront police brutality and hold those who perpetrate it accountable.”

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The so-called “Squad” finally got around to showing their anti-local police agenda. This attitude fits in with the plan of the communist party who invariably target local police to push all municipal police into a centralized command.

Omar’s tweet linked to a podcast by the New York Times, which referred to the Eric Garner case, a man who died after struggling with the New York City police in 2014.

Earlier this week, the Justice Department announced it would not bring federal civil rights charges against one of the police officers who carried out the arrest.

I guess it hasn’t penetrated her wall of ideological emptiness that she is stoking the fires of racism with every derogatory comment about this nation she makes. She is blinded, and her focus on everything wrong about America ensures a 2020 victory for Republicans.

These days, I have taken to stopping when I see the police, parking my car out in front of them where they can see me, getting out of the car and walking back to them with my hands out where they can see them, stopping 20 feet away and asking permission to come nearer.

When I get close enough to them, I thank them for all they do, tell them that we are praying for them, urge them to be safe, and then tell them that when it comes to the choice between them and the alleged criminal – we would prefer that they go home safely to their families.


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