The 8-year-old child actor who went viral for creating a parody of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is leaving the business of creating videos about the lawmaker due to harassments and death threats that she and her family have received.

Just a few months ago, Ava Martinez, better known as “Mini AOC,” brought laughter to her fans with several videos making fun of the socialist AOC, collecting millions of views on social media, believe it or not.

But for Martinez’s family to receive death threats because of satire is unbelievable. This is so unfortunate. She was a great political satirist for her age.

Political satire is one of the things that make our nation great. Mark Russell going after Reagan. Jay Leno and his jokes about Bill Clinton. Jon Stewart skewering “Dubya” Bush. Political humor, as long as it’s offered in good taste, is a defining characteristic of a strong nation.

But then, we had Barack Obama, and the jokes suddenly died. No popular comedian dared tell a joke about Obama unless that joke was first double-wrapped in bubble wrap and then delivered with an apology, lest that comedian is labeled with the “r-word.” During his administration, we suffered an eight-year drought of good presidential political humor.

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And in that time, comedians forgot how to be funny in good taste. Trump was elected, and most comedians’ jokes about him are nothing more than filthy, poisonous slime.

Along comes mini AOC, and this 8-year-old was demonstrating for us adults the potential of good political humor once again. Her humor was pointed (as political humor SHOULD be) but delivered without descending into the gutter. Now, she is being threatened and shut down. It is a sad day in America.

I’ve figured liberals out. You need to break things, and you need ideas to stay broke. If someone fixes something, you have no reason to complain, no reason to be a victim, no reason to yell screams and blame others. Liberals need excuses to break any law because that justifies breaking other rules. Then if you can explain breaking one law, you can justify breaking other laws too.

Evil can’t handle the wisdom of innocence from an 8-year-old. Too bad. Mini AOC was much more informative and real than her counterpart in Congress.

I never gave much serious thought to the Constitution and its importance in my 50 plus years on this earth until the last decade but it’s been the unrelenting threat on this document from the “liberal” “progressive” leftists that the Democrat party has morphed into that has made me appreciate and understand its importance and urgent nature to the continued existence of the USA. Without free speech, this country is no more. And if you support a party that uses intimidation and threats of violence, legal action, and imprisonment, then you are on the WRONG side of history.

Wake up as I have and vote Republican!

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