Fox News Judge Andrew Napolitano was right with his prediction. He said that Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta wouldn’t be in his job past Friday and he was right.

Acosta has decided to resign from his post after publically defending a plea agreement, earlier this week, he cut for billionaire investor Jeffrey Epstein for sex abuse charges over a decade ago.

This is for the best but doesn’t mean it’s right. The Democrats have made him a distraction to shield Epstein and those high placed Democrats who molested children with him. If it had been one of their accused of going easy on a sex criminal, you wouldn’t have seen this. Remember how the Dems kicked Bill Clinton out of office? Oh, wait…

Acosta said he phoned President Trump that morning to tell him he was stepping aside because he does not want his handling of the Epstein plea agreement to consume the administration.

Standing alongside Trump on the South Lawn of the White House, Acosta said the economy is strong and “that’s what this administration needs to focus on.”

The announcement comes only two days after Acosta held a nearly hour-long news conference to defend the plea deal he brokered with Epstein a decade ago when he was U.S. attorney in Miami.

“He did an unbelievable job as secretary of Labor,” Trump said of Acosta, calling him a “very good man.”

Trump added that he believed Acosta thoroughly “explained” his decision making at the news conference, which sources said the president urged him to conduct. [The Hill]

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Acosta did not make that deal alone. That is not how the system works. If the deal he made was so terrible, it could have been stopped by many people higher up the chain than Acosta. The deal went through only because higher-up approved. If you have a problem with the deal Epstein got (you should) then you need to be upset with the system, not the messenger.

Just remember, many of the same people that have called for Acosta’s resignation were more than happy to rub shoulders and schmooze with Epstein, after his conviction, in his New York mansion.

It seems the biggest prerequisite for serving in this administration is to have your spine removed before taking the position. Seems EVERY person the left and media want to be removed or to be fired or to resign or to recuse themselves, happens. It’s disgusting. When was the last time a lib was held accountable? Disgusting.


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