Rep. Louie Gohmert took on former Special Counsel Robert Mueller in a must-see back and forth

Gohmert: “You & James Comey have been good friends & were good friends for many years, correct?”

Mueller: “We were business associates.”

Gohmert: “You can work together and not be friends, but you were friends?”

Mueller: “We were friends.”


Gohmert: Did you know that your entire team was full of venomous Trump-hating hacks?

Mueller: Know what?

Gohmert: Your investigator Peter Strzok hated Trump.

Mueller: Ok.

Gohmert: You didn’t know that?

Mueller: *mumbles*


Gohmert: “If somebody knows they did not conspire with anybody from Russia to affect the election & they see the big [DOJ] with people that hate that person coming after them…the fact that you ran it out 2 years means you perpetuated injustice.”

Mueller: “I take your question.”

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