A Jeffrey Epstein victim has come forward with horrid details about what the billionaire did to her sexually, while she was an underage 14-year-old.

On Wednesday morning, Jennifer Araoz spoke to NBC’s Savannah Guthrie about how she was repeatedly approached by an unnamed woman that worked for Epstein while she was 14 years old. Araoz made sure to characterize this woman as a “recruiter,” who enticed her with promising leads for acting, which is how she eventually met him at his townhouse.

The young teen was given $300 after the initial meeting and then invited back to Epstein’s house.

As prosecutors continue to bring sex trafficking charges against Jeffrey Epstein, a new accuser has shared her story about how the embattled financier allegedly raped her while she was in high school.

Araoz says the worst moments, however, came when was taken by herself to what Epstein called “the Massage Room.”


Araoz: At that moment. At the same time, I was scared, too, because I didn’t know if he’d get angry. I kind of just followed. I’d have just my underwear on. That’s how he liked it. I would just give massages back, then he would potentially, later on, turn over and play with himself. He would also like when I would play with his nipples, he used to get turned on by that. Then he would finish himself off, then that would be the end of it. He would still give me the $300, you know. Normally, I would either get it from the secretary, who would leave it in a drawer, or in the massage room.

Guthrie: How often do you think you were there?

Araoz: Once a week, twice a week my freshman here.

Guthrie: Did you ever tell him your age?

Araoz: I told the recruiter. I mentioned it in front of him…

Guthrie: You were 14 years old?

Araoz: He knew very well my age. He knew exactly, you know, who he was hanging out with. I don’t think he cared.

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Whoever the recruiter is must be nervous as all heck that she will have her name turned over for this evil act. The devil always has his lieutenants set up the victim for the final When Jennifer turned 15 years old, she said things got much worse.

Araoz: ‘Just take your underwear off and get on top.’ I said ‘I didn’t want to.’ He very forcefully kind of brought me to the table. I just did what he told me to do. I was really scared. I didn’t necessarily think he was going to rape me.

Guthrie: Did he hold you there?

Araoz: Yeah, mm-hmm.

Guthrie: No question in your mind, he knew you did not want that to happen?

Araoz: Oh, yeah, definitely. There was no way. I don’t want to say I was screaming or anything of that nature. But I was terrified, and I was telling him to stop. Please stop, you know.

Guthrie: Did he?

Araoz: No, he did not stop. He had no intentions of stopping. That’s what he wanted and that’s what he got.

Epstein, the pedophile, was a big Democrat donor. The pedophile donated in the millions. That’s all you need to know about liberals and who they accept money from.

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