On Monday, Susan Wojcicki, YouTube CEO, apologized to the LGBTQ community offended by the company’s response to anti-gay comments by conservative voice Steven Crowder.

Crowder allegedly aimed his speech at Vox journalist Carlos Maza. Even though she apologized for the response, defended the company’s handling of the issue. She also rejects the idea that content creators should have to request approval before posting videos to the YouTube platform.

Wojcicki: “I know the decision we made was very hurtful to LGBTQ community. That was not our intention at all.”

I defend private companies that don’t use their monopolistic behavior to influence elections and protect the status quo. Corporations are working to keep their politician friends in power and remove political foes by de-platforming the people who call out these things. A neutral public square is dangerous to their power.

Here is a complaint by Maza via his Twitter timeline:

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This is why the left wins. Instead of standing firm on freedom of speech entity after entity caves to leftist bullies playing as victims. Everyone avoids stepping on their toes. God forbid we hurt their feelings.

It’s the fatal flaw in political conservatism that we try so hard not to offend and to act as victims. That’s the whole reason why the left acts like butthurt crybabies: Because it works on us.

That was the single greatest motivator for me transitioning to independent conservatism ideology. I refuse to sacrifice the truth even if the truth hurt your feelings? Too bad, suck it up buttercup, this is the truth.

The tech giants are very much invested in maintaining a status quo and suppress the free speech of anyone using the digital public square to gain influence that is dangerous to the monopoly and the political system that they support.

You may think tyranny is the only prison, but it also can be depriving a person access to the public square or preventing people from using the banking system to make a living for what the corporations disapprove of like selling guns.

Also, this social credit stuff is coming. Our behavior will be controlled by corporations to buy and sell. Yeah, but don’t call it tyranny because “muh private company.”



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