Univision’s Jorge Ramos is an illegal immigration advocate. He has been featured on Fox News’ Sean Hannity show many times and to him, it’s all about letting illegal aliens from Mexico and the Central American countries enter into the United States, uncheck and without prejudice.

If you think you have heard of Jorge, you probably have. Remember that time when Jorge thought he was going to interrupt Trump’s and wouldn’t shut up after being told to and Trump had him removed until he calmed down?

Ramos tweeted the following: “Immigration is not a problem that you can fix like an old car. We can only aspire to manage it. We are talking about human beings who tend to go to safer and richer countries. It is totally unfair to ask Mexico to do what the United States couldn’t do.”

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Why is it unfair, Jorge? Why does Mexico allow people from places like Cameroon, Congo, Bangladesh, Mozambique, et al to come to your country when their real destination is the US? Those people should either apply directly in their countries’ embassies for visas and if it gets declined, they should not come.

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Instead, by allowing them to come to Mexico en route to the US, Mexico has made itself a legitimate target for Trump as he threatens them. Tariffs are being nice: I’d recall all US troops from every theater in the world – Afghanistan, Syria, Germany, Poland, Qatar, et al and put them on the Mexico border.

I sure would like to see a million man march of AMERICAN citizens on that commune on the Potomac with bullhorns blazing giving our congress-critters more than an earful. Perhaps then they would listen to us.

The Univision anchor and amnesty advocate, who also believes Americans must also “accept” that the U.S.-Mexico border is “nothing more than an invention,” has previously said that the United States has a responsibility to “absorb” caravan migrants because “nobody can really stop them” from entering the United States. [Breitbart]

Jorge, what does it say about Mexico that the people coming out of the triangle countries would rather walk for weeks right through Mexico to get to the USA? Not much, huh?

“The U.S. economy has been absorbing them and it seems that we have to realize that the only way to deal with this is in a legal way,” Ramos has said. “Just to understand that legally they are going to keep coming and there is really nothing we can do to stop them.”

Ramos has proposed amnesty for all of America’s illegal immigrants as a solution to the migrant crisis and has insisted that the border wall is nothing more than a “symbol of hate and racism” for “those who want to make America white again.” The Univision anchor has said that Americans must “accept” that the U.S.-Mexico border is “nothing more than an invention.” [Breitbart]

This is why you never let your enemy define what’s “fair.” Fair to them is the collapse of our culture.

For decades the idea of making English the Official Language of America was deemed “Racist”, and never made it through the Legislative Branch. When Jorge’s amigos make up the majority of “Americans” they will have ZERO qualms about making Spanish the Official Language, and your grandkids had better learn the language or leave.

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Many Americans believe this is not an “immigration issue,” but a full-blown invasion to disrupt our way of life, by enemies both foreign and domestic. Our elected officials have forsaken their oaths and their constituents for political and financial gain. They refuse to do what is necessary to protect our nations sovereignty and its citizens. Therefore “We the People” no longer have valid representation. I am not one to say that the Constitutional Representative Republic of the United States no longer exists but it sure feels that way.

We should simply shut down the Ports of Entry and close the southern border town. Place the Military at the border and take the 20,000 Border Patrol and ICE agents to do sweeps across the United States and arrest and deport every illegal alien criminal they can. Cut off any and all welfare, healthcare and any other social services.

End Anchor babies.

Let’s see how Mexico would welcome 30 million citizens back!

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