If you don’t think this news is huge, you haven’t lived.

The University of Alabama has shocked not only it’s student body and faculty, but probably voters in the state who saw them give back over $21 million from a school contributor who wanted to throw around his weight over the strict abortion law that was just passed.

Not only did the school return his money, but they also removed his name from the law school, in his honor. Here’s the kicker. Culverhouse Jr didn’t even attend Alabama, his parents did, so isn’t that a kick in the seat of the pants.

Hugh F. Culverhouse Jr. said the school was punishing him for urging students to consider other educational options in the state. He pledged last year to donate $26.5 million in all over four years —  in what would have been the largest donation in the school’s 187-year history.

“I expected this response from UA,” Culverhouse said in a statement to Fox News. “I will not allow my family’s name to be associated with an educational system that advocates a state law which discriminates against women, disregards established federal law and violates our Constitution.” [Fox News]

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The university didn’t pass the law. The call by the donor to boycott (Alabama?) would be enough of a reason for a state university to return the donation.

The transfer of the $21.5 million back to the 70-year-old real estate investor and lawyer was processed Friday. The school said the dispute was not related to concerns over the state’s abortion law.

The action taken by the board today was a direct result of Mr. Culverhouse’s ongoing attempts to interfere in the operations of the Law School,” the university’s vice chancellor for communication, Kellee Reinhart, said in a statement to Fox News. “That was the only reason the Board voted to remove his name and return his money.” [Fox News]

I must admit I have to admire a person or facility who maintains their stance. Anymore in this country, if someone or some group is offended by a person or group that person or group immediately back down on their stance. Seems many people and facilities no longer have any backbone.

Culverhouse Jr: “We are the land of the backward, we are hicks, we lack the sophistication to see two sides to an argument. What have you done Alabama? You have effectively put a 12-gauge in your mouth and pulled the trigger. You have reinforced that horrible stereotype that my father and I have tried so hard to eliminate.”

Culverhouse wrote a piece in the Washington Post, in an attempt to give his version but the school is very direct when they blame the rich donor for trying to hurt the University by calling for a boycott, even though they had nothing to do with the legislation.

I will assume Culverhouse wanted his donations to align with his politics. His firm liberal stance on abortion hints that he wanted money spent along that line of ideology, which has me wondering what the details of his scholarship ideas were. Always beware donations with conditions.


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