Late Friday night, the Mexican government came through on working out an agreement with the United States and the trump administration on dealing with illegal immigrants flowing through their country from Central America.

On Monday, Pres. Trump called out the Democrats in Congress for refusing to help be a part of the solution of the border crisis. Is not the first time that he has publicly called out the Democrats which includes their leaders Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer for their lack of interest with enforcing the laws on the books and keeping Americans safe.

Trump: “Mexico doing more for the United States now than Congress — specifically the Democrats. We have a tremendous problem at the border.”

I know Pres. Trump can’t do this so I will do it. Republicans aren’t doing better. They were against using the tariffs as leverage for change and when Mexico agreed to make the changes, look at this response:

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Just the day before, Grassley said this:

The Democratic Party is going to have a hard way of it in 2020. Dems have allowed themselves to become radicalized, refusing to protect Americans, the rise of socialism within the party, the lack of working on legislation to help the voters that put them in charge during the 2018 midterm elections. Not one piece of legislation has gone out to help the American people since they were in charge.

Without a doubt, Pres. Trump’s genius tariff strategy worked and made no mistake about it; he would’ve followed through on those tariffs. Fingers crossed that Mexico delivers. If not, Pres. Trump should skip the original 5% and raise it to 15%, play hardball, and take no prisoners.

The 2020 candidates for the House and Senate take a note — run on your promise to deliver an end to the abuse of our immigration laws once and for all.

Believe it or not, Trump has forced the Democrats to expose themselves as the anti-American non-patriots they are, along with a boatload of Republicans. If there was ever any doubt, there isn’t anymore.


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