Four Oklahoma teenage boys didn’t hesitate to break down a woman’s door to save her from possible death as her house was on fire.

Catherine Ritchie, a 90-year-old homeowner, said she was “getting ready for bed” when she turned around and noticed her headboard was in flames. Throwing blankets and pillows on the situation only made things worse as the smoke grew out of control, which made her disoriented. That’s when the four teens, who were ‘across the street” at the time ran to the house fire and saved Ritchie.

A 90-year-old Oklahoma woman’s life was saved by four neighborhood teens who rescued her from her burning home.

Ritchie said she tried to put the fire out by throwing blankets and pillows on the flames, but the smoke grew so thick that she was soon disoriented in the home in Sapulpa, where she’d lived for 58 years.

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She called 911 and hit her emergency call button, but she managed to get only to the hallway before losing her way in the smoke again.

That is when the four boys, Dylan Wick, 16, Nick Byrd, 14, Seth Byrd, 16, and Wyatt Hall, 17, came to her aid. They were across the street when the fire broke out. [Fox News]

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