On Tuesday morning, Rep. Adam Schiff, House Intelligence Chairman had a Q&A at the Council on Foreign Relations where he mentions that special counsel Robert Mueller‘s probe should have looked into possible financial ties between Donald Trump and Russia.

Mueller’s investigation was one of the most thorough investigations in U.S. history, costing nearly 40 million dollars, conducted by 19 of America’s best prosecutors.

Rep. Adam Schiff implies that Mueller and his team were negligent and inept? Let me say this without prejudice, Schiff’s claim is both dishonest and patently ridiculous. In effect, Schiff and the other Democrat committee chairpersons are conducting opposition research on behalf of the Democrats and making the American taxpayers pay for it. Democrats should pay for their own dirt digging operations (aka, opposition research), not the American taxpayers.

Schiff: Well, this has been a concern I’ve had for quite some time. It appeared to me that Mueller was not following the money. And it was my view and remains my view that the scope of what he was given to do allowed him to follow the money. But whether he made the decision or Rod Rosenstein made it for him that that charter should be viewed narrowly and didn’t include looking at the issue of money laundering, I don’t know. It’s one of the questions I would like to ask him.

But there’s no indication at all in the report that that’s something Mueller looked at. I think it would be negligent for us not to. If the financial leverage that the Russians hold over the president is not just the dangling of Moscow Trump Tower, but that they’ve been doing business with him for years and laundering money through the business, that could be equally more compromising, since that would be criminal activity. I don’t know that is the base, maybe when we research this, maybe we’ll find it’s not the case. But we have begun that investigation already. We’re already in litigation over Deutsche Bank and other financial records.

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And because this president has chosen to be so opaque about his financial interests, I think we have to look into this prudently. We’re trying to follow the money. So far the court opinions have been enormously positive in the two cases that have gone to opinion so far and the Deutsche Bank litigation, as well as the accounting litigation, the court has not only made short shrift of the Trump administration’s arguments, it was basically the sort of legal opinion equivalent of “get out of here and don’t let the courthouse doors hit you in the backside on the way out.” They didn’t even find serious legal questions raised by the Trump lawyers. And so, you know, I think the Trump lawyers know they have no legal argument. But they feel as long as they can draw this out and stall this, they can push this possibly beyond 2020, they’ll delay it as long as possible. But the courts seem more than aware of this and are moving with all speed to resolve these questions, which I think is very positive.

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You are a liar. There was no evidence of collusion, so why would investigators waste any time “following the money?” There is no crime when a businessman does business overseas. You are abusing your power to criminalize the fact that Trump won the election. You are a contemptible disgrace.

By concluding that there was no collusion, it follows that Mueller found no evidence of money to follow. As to the Trump organization’s negotiations with Russian interests in a hotel there, nothing came of those negotiations. Schiff continues seeing things in plain sight that do not exist. This is a matter for mental health assessment rather than House investigations.

Congress is empowered to investigate the executive branch to determine what laws are being properly executed. Using that empowerment to investigate the president, search widely for unevidenced wrongdoing by the president, harass or threaten the president, or engage in fishing trips and witch hunts regarding the president, opens the entire Democrat agenda to accusations of creating a constitutional crisis–a term they have bandied about often in the last month or two.


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