Rep. Marcia Fudge thought she would get away with reading a scathing letter that called out Trump supporters, but the House Speaker Rep. Marc Veasey tried to remind her where she was and how she should act within the halls of the House.

Republican Rep. Larry Bucshon took exception of the letter reading and spoke out against Fudge as both of them had a tense back and forth about the order of statements. While reading the letter, Trump supporters were characterized as “racist and dumb.”

Fudge’s letter came from Pastor Dr. Ronald S. Williams, who is the Senior Pastor and Chief Executive Officer of Mount Zion Fellowship in Highland Hills, Ohio. Fudge thought it was probably the best way to start some type of argument with Republicans by reading such a hateful letter. Reading an entry like this brings nothing to the table except more division.

The letter also called out Rep. Nancy Pelosi for failing to set the impeachment agenda against Pres. Trump.

After relating the conversation, in which the woman praised Trump and denigrated former President Barack Obama, Wilson wrote that

Rep. Marcia Fudge: “Nancy Pelosi is a woman who I respect, however I do believe her hesitancy to impeach this president is her opinion based upon polls and her belief that it would further polarize the country. However, the country is already divided and polarized.”

“It is glaringly apparent that many support the president administration are either racist, steep in racist religious beliefs, ignorant, or as my mother used to say, just plain dumb.”

“They have chosen to support a president who has a proven record of being sexually condescending to women, will not oppose the resurgence of the Ku Klux Klan and other hate organizations, is indecisive, condescending to anyone who challenges him, and hides behind his Twitter account rather than dealing with the real issues in our country and around the world”

“Thank you Mr Speaker, I yield back,”

Rep. Marc Veasey: “The chair will remind members that remarks and debate may not engage in personalities towards the president, including by repeating remarks made elsewhere that would be improper if spoken in the members own words”

Rep. Marcia Fudge: “What is a personality”

Rep. Larry Bucshon: “Are we in order here, or what are we doing?”

Rep. Marcia Fudge: “I’m talking to the speaker.”

Rep. Larry Bucshon: “No, you are out of order,”

Rep. Marc Veasey: “The House will be in order,”

Rep. Larry Bucshon: “You’re out of order.”

Rep. Marcia Fudge: “And so are you.”

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Is this letter legit? Has the fake news media sought out the man who wrote it as they do to Trump supporters? The Congresswoman seems to be saying if one praises Trump and critiques, Obama, one must be a bigot. Can that also be applied to praising Obama and critiquing Trump?

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