Rep. Justin Amash, used his Twitter account to slam Pres. Trump once again on the subject of impeachment.

Amash has joined the House Democrats in calling for Pres. Trump to be impeached based on special counsel Robert Mueller’s report and Attorney General William Barr’s summary report.

Amash assessment of Trump’s actions, he claims, is based on reading the report at the Department of Justice. The Michigan representative is not happy that White House members and allies are not siding with him over the president.

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Amash tweeted, “As you can see from the attached tweet, I initially fell for Attorney General Barr’s March 24 letter of principal conclusions—but then I read Mueller’s report.

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The congressman himself acknowledges he “initially fell for” Barr’s summary letter and made objections based on the AG’s skewed framing:

Mueller’s report describes acts of obstruction by President Trump, and it clearly says Mueller chose not to decide whether Trump had committed a crime because Mueller was prohibited from actually charging him.

Mueller explains that prudential concerns and an official DoJ opinion prevented him from indicting the president, and then, because it would be unfair to accuse the president of a crime without actually charging him, Mueller declined to decide whether Trump had committed a crime.

Note that my March 24 tweet doesn’t even mention obstruction. That’s because Barr’s letter falsely implies Mueller looked at the evidence and simply could not decide whether Trump should be indicted because of legal and factual issues regarding whether his actions were criminal.

Barr doesn’t even mention that, because of the DoJ opinion, Mueller believed that charging a sitting president with a crime was not an option; Barr only cites the DoJ opinion in a footnote when describing his own analysis, not Mueller’s analysis.

Because it was unclear why Mueller chose not to decide whether to charge the president with a crime, I was unhappy about this line from Mueller, quoted by Barr: “while this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.”

Here’s the tweet expressing my displeasure:

But in context—which Barr fails to provide—Mueller’s declaration makes more sense.

It’s not that Mueller couldn’t make up his mind, chose not to make a decision, and then said Trump wasn’t exonerated; rather, Mueller had decided that it was inappropriate to make a determination as to whether Trump had committed a crime, and he sought to make that fact clearer.

Mueller wrote that it would be improper for him to conclude that Trump should be charged, given that he could not actually charge him, because it would put a criminal accusation over the president’s head, with no opportunity for a formal defense.

Amash didn’t just stop with those tweets. He continued by calling out the Trump administration’s behavior to AG Barr’s summary versus what he read in the Mueller report.

The White House’s reaction to Barr’s letter is also telling. Trump had long been harshly critical of Mueller and his investigation, calling him “totally conflicted” and “disgraced and discredited,” and the investigation “illegal” and a “rigged witch hunt.”

When Barr’s letter came out, the White House abruptly changed its tone. Trump said “the Mueller report was great” and that Mueller had acted honorably, and he touted the report as a “total exoneration.” Kellyanne Conway referred to the investigation as “the gold standard.”

But, as we later found out, Mueller’s report is damning for the president. If Barr’s letter had accurately reflected the report, the White House would not have reacted positively.

And with Mueller’s report now out, the White House no longer has anything positive to say about Mueller and his team.

The president and his allies are instead trying to excuse Trump’s efforts to obstruct the entire investigation into Russian election interference by alleging problems with elements of it and claiming, without basis, that they undermine Mueller’s obstruction analysis.

I predict Justin Amash’s political career is coming to an end, least in the GOP. Disagreeing with the Republican President is one thing, but joining with Democrats to impeach him is quite another.

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There has been partisanship in government ever since the Constitution was ratified. What has eroded checks and balances are Congress voluntarily ceding much of its power to the Executive branch, the exponential growth if the administrative state, the courts usurping their authority, and lastly, the lazy, bipartisan unwillingness of nearly all elected officials to do anything about it.

Given the information come to light that Amash has a significant investment with the Communist Chinese and may be impacted by Pres. Trump’s hardline on Amash’s partners, it is likely that this childish outburst is motivated by concern for his wallet.

Maybe Amash is the one who should be concerned, given he is on record as having lied about his China ties many years ago, denying it when a rival politician called him out. Now it shows in his financial disclosure forms. This man is a fraud.



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