I would expect Whoopi Goldberg and the members of the ABC’s “The View”  to have filthy mouths but in all my wildest dreams I never would have expected this.

Goldberg was speaking on the topic of abortion and former U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley‘s speech at the Susan B. Anthony dinner, who spoke about the issue from a conservative standpoint.  My guess is that somebody wanted to know slanted view about Haley’s speech and which is why she gave her unsolicited response.

Whoopi spoke in defense of a woman’s right to have an abortion telling pro-life Republicans “I don’t want you in my coochie!”

Goldberg: “So let me get this straight, so giving a woman a choice about what to do with her body is anti-feminist? You have the right never to have an abortion. You have that right. And I support that.”

“But what about the 9-year-old girl who gets raped by a family member or some thug in the street?” Why are you taking her mother’s discussion with her family, with their choices, why are you taking it out of their hands? See to me, you taking choice from people is anti-human.”

“I am pro-life, I want everybody who wants to do this to have life. I want. everybody wants to have life. But you can’t just knock it off here. You have to take that life and watch that life grow and help people do what they need to do.”

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Goldberg then asked what women will do if, for example, Missouri succeeds in closing the last clinic in that state.

Goldberg: “Where do the women go when they need to have a vaginal check? Where do they go? Planned Parenthood is much more than an abortion clinic, much much more, that do many more things.”

“I don’t say that everybody has to believe, but I say you want to have choice, I don’t want you in my coochie! You don’t want me in yours either.”

What is confusing about what Nikki said? Liberals demanding every woman agree with them is not feminism, it is liberalism.

By the way, why do lefties always pull out that tired old saying about the 9-year-old being raped? That is so freaking infrequent it accounts for a rounding error in the stats. The vast majority of abortions are not for that situation and everyone knows it. That’s their insurance card to continue to do something without a conscious.

It’s a shame Whoopie made such callous comments. It is known a fetus does experience pain. So much so, they now administer anesthesia during fetal procedures. (Anaesthesia for Fetal Surgeries)

A woman does have a right to her body, I do not have an argument against that, however, there is no excuse for the majority of abortions. If a woman really wants to be in control say no. Abstaining is 100% effective in preventing pregnancy. Condoms are cheap and effective. Liberals hate responsibility and innocent babies, and that’s just the truth of it.



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