A hoard of illegal alien invaders 1000 strong being turned back by Mexico is a good start, but I wouldn’t hold back on the tariffs.

The threat of making them pay is already having some effect. The fact that Pres. Trump is not backing down just because they are finally making a little effort is a good thing, because if he backs down too soon, they will only stop the little they are doing. There is plenty Mexico can do to stay most of this crisis.

Believe it or not, the tariffs need to go into effect and stay in fact until the illegal immigration in this country and Mexico achieve a net -100,000 for at least a month, possibly two or more.

Trump — The U.S. Has Reached A Signed Agreement With Mexico; Tariffs Are Suspended!

If they did, I could see lowering it to 5% again at the end of July if both Mexico and the United States have a net -100,000 illegal immigration. We don’t just want zero, we want the illegals in both counties sent home, and frankly, I want to see some of the tariff money used to build more border wall and secure all the current gaps.

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With the threat of Pres. Trump’s tariffs, Mexico has made new efforts to secure its southern border with Guatemala by deploying the Mexican National Guard to turn back a Central American caravan make up of more than 1000 people.

I would still keep the threat of closing the border on the table because we cannot support the weight on the world on our shoulders. These third world countries need to learn how to become civilized, self-sustaining nations, or vanish into the sands of time. This is how the world must work, or we are all doomed.

It always amuses me when leftists whine about “we cannot be the world’s policeman” when they demand cuts in Defense Spending but have no problem with America being the worlds “sugar daddy”/welfare state.

Mexico is not our ally because allies do not allow this; enemies do. Let them live with their behavior for a while. If they retaliate at all, go up to the next level early 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, with a one-hour ingress border shutdown daily, then two hours, then three hours.

The bottom line shows us sustained results with our illegal population going down and theirs too.

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