This is fantastic news coming from Mexico!

On Monday, the Mexican government rescued an estimated 800 migrants in an attempt to fight human trafficking as the cargo was bound for the United States southern border.

Mexico and the United States had worked out an agreement with Mexico would increase their prevention of illegal crossings into the United States, and based on the information that we have been hearing, they are working as hard as they can.

Despite media claims, the vast majority of Americans oppose illegal immigration and support the deportation of illegals, removal of chain migration, enforcement against those who overstay their visas, immediate deportation of non-citizens who commit felonies, and a decent border wall with surveillance and patrol agents. They also support legal immigration and place the blame of kids and families harmed during illegal crossing on the parents, where it belongs.

Foreign Affairs Secretary Marcelo Ebrard said more than 150 of the 785 migrants found inside the double trailers of four semis Saturday in the Gulf coast state of Veracruz were children.

“We can’t allow human trafficking,” Ebrard said, contending that for many years it was tolerated by Mexican officials. “We might be experiencing one of the greatest human trafficking (situations) in the world.”

Trump DECLARES! — ICE Will Begin Process Of Removing MILLIONS Of Illegal Aliens Next Week!

Each of the migrants was paying $3,500 to be smuggled to the United States and some paid $5,000 to be entitled to a second attempt if caught, Ebrard said.

He estimated the entire value of the truck caravan’s human cargo at more than $3.5 million (69 million pesos) and said the smugglers were going to pay roughly $500,000 to $800,000 in “commissions” to ensure the migrants’ free passage.

Ebrard also said the government has a message for the owners of trucks caught carrying migrants: They will no longer escape criminal charges by arguing they didn’t know their trucks were being used to smuggle. [FOX 5]

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Mexico’s foreign affairs Sec. has reported that they are meeting with the Central American governments of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras every week. At these meetings, they are exchanging information about smuggling rings and criminal activity. With that said in the good news that is coming from Mexico, I do not know what Pres. Trump promised Mexico in the deal, but whatever it is is sure lit a fire under their pants.

ICE Has Quarantined 5,200 People For Mumps And Chicken Pox Exposure At Border

How do these people think they will be received when they storm our borders and disrespect our citizens and our laws. The reason they give for fleeing their countries is the violence, yet they don’t like our laws either. Perhaps more laws in your countries would make it safer to live there.

The illegal immigrant advocates are always saying illegals are doing the jobs Americans won’t do. You mean like running for Congress, opening businesses, taking up college and university spaces, etc. It seems to me Americans like to do those jobs as well.

Congrats to Mexico. I am pulling for you!

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