It is a shame that it takes the president of the United States to threaten another country to protect his own borders from illegal border crossers from Central America.

That is what Pres. Trump had to do earlier this week when he told the world that he would impose tariffs on Mexico if they did not help to stop the influx of illegal immigrants coming across the southern border. We learn from the border patrol that there was 144,000 arrest in May, which is a new record, but then the Democrats say that there is no border crisis.

Democrats and Republicans have come out against imposing tariffs on Mexico, but you can see that the officials in that country are taking Pres. Trump very seriously with these actions.

Mexico City was deploying 6,000 National Guard troops to its southern border with Guatemala, blocked hundreds of migrants in a new caravan and froze the bank accounts of suspected human traffickers in hopes of appeasing Washington’s demands.

But in the US capital, negotiators holding a second day of talks were still trying to find agreement on issues including asylum application procedures and financial aid to the Central American countries that are the source of most of the migrants.

We have been working this afternoon, we still do not have an agreement,” Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said as talks wrapped for the day. “Tomorrow we have another session in the morning and we will continue forward.”

With migrant apprehensions at the border with Mexico soaring to 144,000 in May, the highest number in 13 years, the Trump administration has threatened to hit all imports from Mexico with a five percent tariff starting Monday, a move that could savage the export-dependent Mexican economy. [AFP]

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I am sure the Mexican government did not want to deal with the issue of illegal immigration because of the cartels that basically run the country. But with a leader like Pres. Trump with his foot down on the gas, he was not about to let up especially when it comes to protecting the American people from this invasion.

As they should. Look if you want benefits from the US than we want benefits from you. I’m tired of the Democrats giving away our standard of living. Finally, we have a president doing what it takes to improve our country. Trump knows how to negotiate.

If US-Mexico trade is a symbiotic relationship, it stands to reason that Mexico should be helping America with the illegal migration problem. Negligence on Mexico’s part is not fair to America.

It’s interesting how the problem is so complex and is becoming Mexico’s problem as well.



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