HBO’s Bill Maher did something I rarely have ever seen him do and it might hurt his ratings and support among Democrats and Socialists.

Maher said he didn’t agree with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claiming the Trump administration has set up “concentration camps on the southern border.” Maher did say the detention facilities were clearly “horrible places” and while “maybe they fit that definition technically, there are certain words that we just associate with something truly at the other end of horrendous.”

Maybe Maher has a bit of sense after all but he’s still short on smarts. Neither Maher or AOC said anything about Barack Obama and the conditions he gave undocumented border crossers and they didn’t respond to Obama reportedly deporting illegals more than any other President.

Panel Guest, Thom Hartmann, asked if people should really be up in arms over this at a time when the president is talking about the New York Times committing treason.

Maher: “Come on, when we think of concentration camps, I think of mass graves, I think of experimenting on human people.”

Another panelist, Dan Savage said that the concentration camps were “a step on the road to the death camps,” which prompted Maher to ask, “You really think we’re on the road to death camps?”

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Savage responded by saying the U.S. is on the road to fascism, like we are not already there, and said people shouldn’t be dancing around the language. AOC added that language without really thinking about the situation. Down through history, how many individuals that were placed in concentration camps are able to leave under their own volition?

Maher also had some advice for Democrats who continue to use reparations during elections:

Maher: “If you want to run a campaign based on reparations and concentration camps… it’s going to be very hard to win the election. I’m not saying you can’t do it, but very hard to argue that this is helping.”

The constant echo chamber the democrat have encased themselves in, with the media, Hollywood, and universities pushing them further and further left had radicalized the entire party.

Mahar actually seems to be getting it. I bet he regrets donating a million bucks to Hillary Clinton for 2016.

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