Dumb And Dumber Actor Jeff Daniels joined Lawrence O’Donnell on his MSNBC show that brings in 10s of 10s viewers to express his disdain of President Trump.

It’s not the first time Daniels has gone on MSNBC to voice his displeasure of the Trump administration. The only problem is, he’s irrelevant. Nobody on the right listens to Hollywood actors unless they are pushing the same message so there’s no win-win here.

Daniels claims that Trump has gone off the rails and “completely soiled” the Oval Office.

DeNiro Teams With 1,000 Prosecutors Calling For Trump To Be Indicted

During his appearance on MSNBC’s Last Word, Jeff Daniels praised never-Trumper Justin Amash for calling out President Trump and urging Republicans to support his call for impeachment and vote for Joe Biden.

Daniels: “This president has completely soiled the Oval Office. Soiled the presidency. And you’ve got a lot of people — and I keep looking at them. I go, ‘when is enough enough?’

Have we tripped it yet so that you go, ‘Okay, if I have to vote for a Democrat or [former Vice President Joe] Biden, then I will.’ But are you there yet? Because you’re on the Titanic.

And after [Special Counsel Robert] Mueller spoke the other day, the iceberg got a little closer. When are you getting off? They’re the ones who need to show the courage.”

Do you think President Biden should be impeached for the crisis in Afghanistan and loss of American lives?

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Tell me then why I should vote for a Democrat? They lie through their teeth for votes, they try to push communism on the American people or fundamental change without asking. They promise everything and do not deliver except imposing higher taxes on American voters. Why should I vote for the party of slavery, jim crow, and the war on poverty for the last sixty years? What have they accomplished?

Even though I brand myself as a conservative, I’m not a member of the GOP, nor will I ever register as a member as I despise the establishment too much to join the party, but you can’t talk me into voting for anyone other than Trump in 2020 right now.

He’s been a solid executive who has done far more good in office than any White House resident since Reagan.



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