Sen. Lindsey Graham followed up After Pres. Trump tweet that Iran made a “big mistake” by warning that the consequence of that big mistake will be “severe pain.”

Iran shot down a $220 million drone claiming it entered their airspace. The U.S. intelligence claims Iran is lying about the location of the drone before it was shot down. Graham went on to tell reporters how the U.S. risks could be seen as weak if continued attacks against U.S. interests and allies go unanswered.

Graham: “Here’s what Iran needs to get ready for: Severe pain inside their country. Their capabilities pale in comparison to ours. We’re not going to let them disrupt navigation of the seas, attack our allies and U.S. interests without paying a price. So if they’re itching for a fight, they’re going to get one.”

“If they do anything else against an American asset, and this president doesn’t respond like Ronald Reagan, that’s a signal to North Korea and the entire world we’re all talk,”

Graham replied, “I think anybody would believe that we’re one step closer.” Asked if he thinks the president believes that the U.S. is “one step closer” to war,

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