Good Samaritan Cindy Stanbrough thought her donation of clothes for the needed would be accepted and appreciated, but before she could leave the Oklahoma Goodwill, she noticed one of the employees throw her contribution into the trash can.

Like other individuals who want to help the community, Cindy thought she was doing the right thing and justifiably was angry at how her donation was treated.

Stanbrough: “I know that there was a lot of infant clothes and toddler clothes that I had available, and kids go through that so fast. There are a lot of people who really needed this stuff, and not thinking in hindsight there was the El Reno (tornado) victims and things like that, and I just got really angry and frustrated with the situation.”

“I knew that they get a lot of materials and stuff and donations and that sometimes they take it to other places, but I never thought they would go into the dumpster or anything like that. You do this to help people and just knowing that it’s not going to get to the people that need it.”

The Goodwill store released a statement about the incident and blamed a rogue employee while adding that they had also been disciplined:

Goodwill Rep: “We at Goodwill Industries have thoroughly investigated this situation. This employee’s actions are contrary to all policies and procedures of Goodwill and we can assure donors that disciplinary action has been taken. We at Goodwill sincerely regret that one employee’s actions have disregarded our core values and our mission of helping people overcome challenges to employment.”

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I wish there were more people like Cindy in the U.S., and less like the employee. We need to continue to help others and support those who can’t do for themselves but not to become a crutch, which can also happen.

The economy is good for a lot of people, but for others, they don’t see the changes, and they need our prayers. Cindy did the right thing, and hopefully, this won’t happen at that Goodwill store or any other Goodwill across the nation.


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