Fox News’ Chris Wallace decided to second-guess Pres. Trump over his decision not to respond with military force after I ran shut down a $225 million drone on Thursday morning.

At one point in the interview on Friday morning, Wallace said Pres. Trump did not have the stomach for conflict.

On Friday morning, Pres. Trump said he decided against striking Iran 10 minutes before the planned attacks late Thursday night because it wasn’t worth it.  this was like red meat to Wallace who questioned Trump’s integrity and raised the question, “Does the president have the stomach to get deeply involved, perhaps, in a confrontation with Iran?

Wallace: “We know there was a big National Security Council meeting with the president yesterday where they discussed all of this, and usually the Pentagon is very sophisticated in being able to say, ‘look, here are various target packages, here’s what we would hit, here’s what the collateral damage would be,” said Wallace.

Wallace: “Any discussion of what collateral damage in terms of the deaths on the ground would be is discussed at that point before the president gives a new order as to what various targets he wants to hit.”

Wallace then questioned the president’s statement that he only learned of the number of casualties the strikes would cause ten minutes before they were to be dealt with.

Wallace: “The idea that 10 minutes before the strike has the president says how many people are going to be killed if we go ahead with those strikes, that usually is discussed in depth a great deal for that,”

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Wallace continued his assault on Pres. Trump’s statement claiming that the Commander-in-Chief “doesn’t have much of an appetite for a strike” and that there was a rift or conflict within the administration on whether or not to escalate the response to Iran.

Wallace: “Donald Trump as a candidate — and even as president — said that there was a real cost of that in terms of the U.S. Threatening to do something and not going ahead and doing it so there’s a cost to action and also a cost to inaction”

“Stomach” has nothing to do with it. What’s the actual strategic objective? How much will such a thing cost? How will this be paid for? Given how badly Iraq went, what will we do differently? What about other countries being destabilized if we do this?

Somebody needs to take Wallace to the woodshed. It is just two days since the drone was shot down, and Chris is demanding blood from the POTUS and the US military. Trump should bundle Chris on to a plane and have him dropped off in Iran so they can deal with him in their torture chambers.

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