Mykal Coles must be a Super Human! I have three children and trying to attend all their games and school events as they were growing up was a challenge.

This is more than just financial means. Children require emotional support, nurturing and supervision and if Coles is doing his job, God Bless him.

Being a parent to 26 children of all different ages would be the same as being responsible for a classroom full of students developing on various ages and levels. This is definitely a unique situation. But if they are working as a team to make it work, and meeting all the needs of those children, who are we to judge.

Mykal Coles has fathered 26 children with five different women. He says he is currently married to two of those women. It is definitely an unconventional arrangement – but it works for everyone involved, according to Mykal.

“It works generally because we’re family oriented. We believe in big family. We have a big family. We believe in closeness and working together with each other to raise these children,” Mykal said. “It’s like a village, you know, even with the ex and the other mothers we all take part in raising these children.”

Alicia and Jasmine, Mykal’s two wives, say their family is similar to the reality show, Sister Wives, but that they live in separate houses. They each have eight of Mykal’s children each. Mykal says is legally married to Alicia and has a common law marriage to Jasmine.

Mykal, who says he is an actor, music producer and private police captain, is at each home every day. He says that he met Alicia over 20 years ago and met Jasmine about 9 years ago. The family says they do not force their beliefs on their children. [Fox 5 DC]

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