WOW! Another Never Trumper self-identifies. So long and don’t let the door hit you in the rear, Mr. Kevin McAleenan.

President Trump has been calling out CNN as fake news since day one, and now we find out that his McAleenan, Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Acting Secretary, took an “off the record” meeting with Jake Tapper? Where’s the loyalty?

Believe me when I say nothing good will come from that meeting. Does anyone believe that there is a single person at CNN who will provide fair and even-handed coverage of anything being done by this administration?

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Two sources confirmed to Breitbart that McAleenan sat down for lunch on May 24 at the agency’s headquarters in Washington, D.C., with Tapper for a private, off-the-record meeting. Breitbart reached out to officials from DHS after they learned of the meeting and were told that the agency did meet with a variety of media partners, but they didn’t get anything inside information beyond that.

As a law enforcement entity, the public’s trust is critical to the Department of Homeland Security’s mission,” a DHS spokesperson said. “To maintain that trust, the Department engages with a variety of media partners to respond to media inquiries and provide factual information about its critical and diverse missions.”

An administration official with knowledge of the off-the-record meeting told Breitbart News that McAleenan is “more concerned with ingratiating himself with other Never Trumpers who have always advocated for open borders.”

Another source with knowledge of the meeting said McAleenan offered Tapper an “unprecedented level of access and accommodation.”

What was discussed behind closed doors, we’ll likely never know, but if I’m a member of the administration battling each day to counter the wall-to-wall disinformation campaign of Tapper and the opposition party, this meeting is sacrilege,” the source told Breitbart News. [Breitbart]

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Trump must go in with a fire hose and clean up DHS. Its infested with America haters and NeverTrumpers. That’s why we’re having thousand upon thousands of illegals dropped off on the streets on America. It’s an abomination.

Right now in some parallel universe, the coup conspirators who plotted to overthrow a duly elected president are currently human wind chimes swing by their necks from the nearest lamppost in Washington DC.

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Is there anyone, other than the President and a tiny handful of people, that work in the upper levels of our government that care about this country and its citizens? Everything the President tries to do is blocked, obstructed, or slowed down.

Mr. Kevin McAleenan. This President was targeted from the moment he declared to run. He was mocked, scorned, lied to, set up, trashed, threatened, sabotaged, betrayed, you name it and to add insult to injury, the entire Media complex went after him as well, then we have come from our party who have tried to destroy him.

I don’t know of a stronger man. He deserves better from some of you.


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