Last I heard, chaining yourself by the neck to farm slaughter machines is not advisable. Putting your locked life into an idealistic young man’s hands that have never worked a day in his life.

I love that the moment there is the slightest bit of danger, they retreat. It looks like their love for animals has some basic limits.

Bold animal rights activists from Direct Action Everywhere stormed an industrial duck farm and slaughterhouse, locking their necks to the slaughter line to halt the killing of the animals in Petaluma, California on June 3rd, 2019. After the slaughter line was stopped, Thomas Chiang along with other activists locked themselves to the slaughter line.

The slaughter line restarted, strangling Thomas Chiang in the process. One of the slaughterhouse workers rushed in, taking hold of the slaughter line in an attempt to stop it from advancing. The camera operator held Thomas Chiang up to take pressure off his neck. It is unknown how the line was stopped again, but Thomas Chiang was unlocked by activists.

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The Sonoma County Sheriffs Office told ABC7 they looked into the incident. Reichardt Farm told them it was an accident and that the employee who turned on the machine inside, was unaware the protestors were chained to it outside. 32 ducklings were rescued during the action and brought to a sanctuary.

Nearly 100 activists were arrested in a defiant act of non-violent civil disobedience in protest of the confinement and slaughter of animals. [NBC Bay Area]

We are omnivores, which means we can eat and digest both vegetable and non-vegetable. We evolved that way. If animals weren’t there for our sustenance, we wouldn’t have been able to eat them just like herbivores can’t eat meat and carnivores can’t eat vegetables! How’s that not common sense.

When you think activism means that you can trespass and break the law, try to remember that no court or judge is going to agree with that interpretation of the law.

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That functioning plant has a lawful business, and it doesn’t matter what your feelings are about the animal that is being killed, the fact is, most of society says it’s okay to slaughter these ducks for consumption. That’s a part of farming. All of the activists in the video went to jail. Any sane individual would understand this isn’t the proper way to protest.

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You don’t have a right to trespass and impede a lawful business from operating. You can stand outside with signs all you want, that’s fine, but breaking in, and messing with the machinery, and then putting yourselves at risk is your fault. Just watching how stupid it was made me shake my head. What an absolute failure.

Everyone buy some poultry, give these pathetic protesters the opposite effect of what they want. That’s what happens when you do things the wrong way; you don’t win over hearts and minds, you piss people off.


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