I know this hurt Victor Blackwell, a CNN weekend anchor, to say, as the network is not in the “praising business” of Pres. Donald Trump that he admitted that the United States got “almost everything it wanted” in their agreement with Mexico late Friday night.

Sarah Westwood, CNN White House correspondent, started the mood claiming that the WH was going to “frame this as a victory for President Trump,” who originally wanted to impose a 5% tariff on all goods from Mexico to help fight the increased influx of illegal aliens coming across the border.

Notice among the first words out of the reporter’s mouth was “the White House WANTS to frame this as a victory..” It was a victory for the WH and better yet, the United States. Her statement pretty much summarizes CNN’s bias even in reporting a good news story for the country.

CNN is trying to create the narrative that Trump reversed his decision to issue tariffs. I thought all he did was suspend the implementation of them. He didn’t – he postponed them for 90 days on the condition that Mexico does what it says it will do. CNN can’t write a straight story to save their ratings!

If Mexico falls short, they will begin. Mexico has said they will work harder than before to stop the illegal activity and one thing we know more than anything —  actions speak louder than words.

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Trump continues to pull off success even while facing the issues that he has inherited from past administrations and both parties. I am not saying Trump is perfect, especially with the border crisis, but that isn’t on him alone.

When Trump sets in motion an act such as the tariffs with Mexico, and he gets last-minute results before the rain came down, it shows other countries do not want to test Pres. Trump. Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, and other anti-Trumpers will NEVER give credit or be thankful for what it means to America when Trump succeeds because America succeeds.  Maybe that’s why they are so angry.


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