The Afghan government nearly 500 Taliban fighters and commanders from its prisons a few weeks ago in an effort to persuade the militant group to come to the table for peace talks with the Ashraf Ghani-led administration. They were released without conditions and many have returned to their former situations.

We have no way to win in that barbaric country. The government is corrupt; the Taliban are brutal killers with a radical Muslim base, Isis is rebuilding there. What is our role? We need to leave so we don’t lose any more people.

A total of 887 prisoners will be set free during the observance of the Islamic holiday Eid al Fitr, according to National Security Advisor Hamdullah Mohib.

The Taliban prisoners were released unconditionally. They are not required to denounce the Taliban or promise to quit the fight against the Afghan government. Historically, Taliban prisoners who have been freed from Afghan prisons have returned to the battlefield,” said Bill Roggio, a Senior Fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. “The Taliban has not acknowledged the release of its prisoners. It has been unmoved by such gestures in the past, and are likely to ignore the latest.

Furthermore, the Taliban continues to dismiss Ghani’s government which it deems “illegitimate” and a “stooge of the West,” even despite the President’s announcement that the prisoner release was intended to “persuade the resurgent group to engage in intra-Afghan dialogue to end the conflict through diplomatic settlement.” [Fox News]

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Afghanistan isn’t about changing their culture. It is about disrupting global terrorism. If the forces that will permit terrorists to use their territory as a base of operation are not allowed to do so, then they won’t. We don’t let the Taliban rule, and they can’t be in power to allow Al Qaeda (or ISIS, or…) to set up shop.

An added benefit of that is that American forces become a lightning rod of insurgent activity. Those that would desire to strike innocent Americans on our home soil are too busy plotting to fight a superior force on theirs. The terrorists are too busy with our troops (or more likely looking over their shoulders) to spend time focusing on the American homeland.

The mission is to disrupt terrorism. If we leave, the Taliban rules and the Taliban has proven indifferent to allowing terrorist freedom to set up shop.

If we keep the Taliban out of power (again, we don’t have to change them or annihilate them– keep them out of power) then they aren’t in a position to give terrorists freedom to operate. Pretty simple.


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