President Trump wants to move on from the Mueller Report results as it concluded there was no collusion with Russia nor did he obstruct Special Counsel Robert Mueller from doing his job.

Trump feels that it’s high time the nation got back to business instead of looking to best one another by smearing and destroying the other politically.

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On Friday morning, Trump tweeted the following: “OK, so after two years of hard work and each party trying their best to make the other party look as bad as possible, it’s time to get back to business. The Mueller Report strongly stated that there was No Collusion with Russia (of course) and, in fact, they were rebuffed…..”

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The president then followed that up with: “…at every turn in attempts to gain access. But now Republicans and Democrats must come together for the good of the American people. No more costly & time-consuming investigations. Lets do Immigration (Border), Infrastructure, much lower drug prices & much more – and do it now!”

I think a majority of Americans would love to see this happen, but there’s one problem — Democrats. They do not want to coexist; they want to dominate. They want to destroy and have the upper hand. They have been doing this for years, and they have gotten worse.

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Republicans are no different. They don’t stand up against narrative changes, allowing the American people to hear one side of the argument without pushback. That’s why when President Trump came along, a lot of people that hungered for some reaction saw a strong presence in a man who wasn’t going to get run over.

Democrats didn’t know how to handle it because it’s not something they were used to and Republicans tried to rebuff the whirlwind Trump Train because they wanted to keep the status quo.

President Trump asking for both political parties to come together is a noble one, but that would also mean he has to tone down his tweets too. Would that happen? Can that happen?

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Trump is at his best when he is exposing the swamp politicians and pushing back against the opposition media, who won’t stop trying to destroy the man’s character by creating fake news.

As I said before, Americans long for a political climate that can agree to disagree but work toward solutions, but I feel the gulf of division is too vast. If Trump starts filling in the holes, maybe the peacemaker comes behind him and finishes the job. Either way, it has to be started, and Trump’s tweets seem as if he wants to be that flag bearer.

I would ask the president not to lose his edge because Dems will seek out weakness and use it as an opportunity to push their evil agenda and making you the villain.




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