I think the House of Representatives is writing checks it cannot cash. Threatening to send the House Sergeant at Arms to force Attorney General William Barr to testify? Something tells me the Pentagon and the Department of Justice can handle the House if it came to a fight.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib played a power position with Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin when she sarcastically told him to seek “personal legal advice” for his role in a Trump administration “cover-up.” Tlaib told Mnuchin, as an attorney, she “would be remiss” if she did not counsel him and give him options.

“The cover-up by this administration, it goes beyond just providing the taxes. You can consult the Department of Justice but you, personally, making decisions – not on the best part of the American people, but to cover up the occupant of the White House – I think you need to be very, very clear about what your role is and what your responsibility is to the American people,” Tlaib told Mnuchin at the end of her questioning.

We go from collusion to obstruction of justice and now to cover up. What is next? I feel like Democrats are throwing the kitchen sink at Trump to nail him for something. I wish this much attention were paid to the president during the Obama years. Sad, sad double standard.

Is there any chance can fulfill their constitutional duties to legislate? No one envisioned that Congress would obsess over their oversight duties in their apparent attempt to influence the upcoming Presidential election.

When do you think the country should re-open and get back to work?

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They say the coverup is worse than the crime. I was paying attention when Nixon was threatened with impeachment. He had a cover-up. I was paying attention when Bill Clinton was impeached. Clinton lied while giving testimony to a grand-jury. He later admitted as much, and he lost his law license over it.

As for President Trump, he was cleared of “collusion,” not a legal term. He cooperated with Mueller and answered questions. He allowed his people to answer all sorts of questions and gave over documents to Mueller. It appears the Dems are worried about what the Inspector General may release of the investigation into what took place over the last few months of the Obama Administration and the previous few years.

The Dems are worried about what Attorney General William Barr may find. It appears they are involved in a coverup and involved in obstruction of an investigation. They are trying a full court press on Trump, and we’ll see how it turns out. The sad part of all this is the Russians got what they wanted, not by colluding with Trump or even tampering with changing any votes but by the Dems going crazy over hatred for Trump’s victory and over their crazed drive to destroy Trump no matter the investigated facts, no matter the truth, no matter how it tears at the fabric of our nation.

Can we weather Trump? Yes. Can we weather the hatred from the Left and their crazed disregard for facts and truth? I don’t know.




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