Just a few months ago, here in Baltimore, the city school board voted 10-0, opposing legislation that allowing school resource officers to carry firearms inside of the school. These school resource officers are the ONLY law enforcement officers with these schools have in case of criminal activity going down.

According to The Baltimore Sun report, Baltimore was also the only jurisdiction in the state that had a dedicated school police force.

Last week, Texas State University looked to remove their on-campus police department. I just had a sick thought. Conservative speakers shouldn’t even attempt to visit schools that remove their police force, or it will get ugly.

Texas State University’s student senate recently held an “emergency meeting” to vote on a resolution calling on the school to ban its police department. The resolution was authored by one student senator who was arrested last week during an incident on campus involving the assault of a student wearing a MAGA hat, but appears to have not passed a student senate vote.

Texas State University student senator Claudia Gasponi — who authored a resolution last month to ban the school’s Turning Point USA group from campus — has now authored a new resolution to ban the university police from campus.

The resolution was drafted following the student senator’s arrest last week, along with three other students, during a counter-protest gone haywire.

The proposed legislation, entitled, “The Removal of Excessive and Abusive Policing Resolution,” calls for “the dissolution of the University Police Department,” due to the alleged “over-policing” on campus that “specifically targets and endangers people of color.” [Breitbart]

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If the students want this, then the student union should be responsible for getting liability insurance to cover rape victims, student murders, and if a shooter comes and in and murders a bunch of students. You would think the student government has no such authority to ban sworn officers from campus nor stop them from enforcing laws nor from arresting liberal twits assaulting people, or that’s what I thought.

Enforcing the law means it should be as fair as possible, and justice is not always blind. If the Texas State University Police disbanded, more Police would take their place, and STILL enforce the law. I find all the college millennials, that whine and cry, because they can’t have it their way, is pathetic. Their “I can do no wrong,” and ” my way or the highway” attitude is laughable and sad. These “children” need to grow up fast and learn hardcore reality.

Allowing the students to make policy is the same as enabling the Inmates to run the prison. Disband the student council and get some adults to make decisions. Do you believe any college or university is going to take on that financial responsibility for these stupid kids? I think not.




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