If anyone is angry with Sen. Lindsey Graham for choosing this course of action, tell them to come and see me.

I agree with Graham deciding to back off the FISA investigation he was about to start to clear a pathway for U.S Attorney John Durham who was just announced to head up the probe into who started this FBI investigation witch hunt into President Trump. A witch hunt that has lasted more than two years cost millions of dollars and resulted in “no collusion, no obstruction of justice.”

Addressing reporters on Capitol Hill, Graham, the committee chairman, said he changed his mind after learning Attorney General William Barr had tasked U.S. Attorney John Durham from Connecticut with examining the origins of the federal Russia investigation.

“I’m glad you have a prosecutor not a politician,” he said. “I don’t expect you to take my word about what happened with the FISA warrant. I’m a Republican, and I want the president to do well. I don’t expect Republicans to take [House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry] Nadler’s word about anything wrongdoing toward Trump. We finally have somebody outside of politics.”

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Graham said he wanted to give Durham “space” to do his job after it was reported Monday he was assigned by Barr.

You’ve now got a prosecutor. I don’t want to get in their way, I don’t want to mess up his criminal investigation, and I don’t want to put people at risk, so I’m going to back off,” he said.

The people who started the investigations into candidate Trump knew pretty quickly that there was no crime, so they instead decided to continue the investigations as long as possible and leak everything they could find that was damaging of Trump to the media, including the existence of the on-going investigation itself.

Because there was no crime, was never any crime, the only way they could damage the president was to get the press to take part in a negative propaganda campaign directed at the American people. In other words, the entire plan was about leaking to the media, a black OPS on the people of this nation.

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The current investigations are of actual crimes so there will be far fewer leaks since public opinion is not necessary to indict for real crimes. Those accused will get to defend themselves in a court of law (Trump was never allowed to defend himself, and when he did defend himself, the propagandist just used that as something else to lie about).




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