Actor Robert De Niro joined over 1,000 former federal prosecutors to record and release a video making the case to indict President Donald Trump on multiple “felony” counts of obstruction of justice.

This fruit comes of former special counsel Robert Mueller’s poisonous tree, after he failed to come to a conclusion whether or not Trump committed obstruction of justice while he ran his 2016 Russia probe into alleged election tampering by Russia, to help Trump win the election.

Trump has denied these charges over and over again but the media seems to always have a larger microphone.

De Niro who has played Mueller on “Saturday Night Live,” speaks to those taking the time out of their busy schedules to watch a video produced by NowThis, claiming “their conclusion should trouble us all.” He introduced a group of former prosecutors who discussed Mueller’s findings and explained why they thought Trump should face charges.

Jennifer Rodgers, former assistant U.S. Attorney: “We all strongly believe that there is more than enough evidence to indict President Trump for multiple felony counts of obstruction of justice.”

Elie Honig, former U.S. Attorney: “The evidence shows that President Trump tried to stop, limit, and interfere with the Mueller investigation and other federal investigations surrounding him,”

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You can watch the video here:

The one prosecutor that mattered, Robert Mueller, disagreed with you and those 1000 others. He could have accused but, didn’t. His job was to present evidence but, there was none for him to provide. You all want him now to testify differently but, it is not the place of a prosecutor and he tells you he will not, beyond his report.

After over two years of investigations, I’m still yet to hear one liberal/democrat say with specifics what Trump has done to break the law. Exactly what crime has he committed and when did he commit it?

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I’m equally curious if those 1000 former federal prosecutors believe Hillary Clinton should face prosecution for her mishandling of classified information? Or if they think Comey’s point of her having no intent to do harm is sufficient to give her a free pass?

Remember when protests used to actually take place in their relevant locale and you would have to travel to that actual place to have your voice heard?

Now you can just post a video and call yourself an “activist.”


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