United States Senators on both sides of the political aisle are not happy about President Trump’s proposed 23% cut in the U.S. Budget for foreign aid and diplomacy. They have responded by claiming that the idea is “insane” and “short-sighted” and also told the executive branch that it would not pass.

By the noise these Senators are making, you would think they must get something in return for giving away that money.

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I don’t have enough facts to make a fair judgment either way in regards to foreign aid and diplomacy. What I do know is the government spends far more money than it has every second of every day. So how do our elected officials ever hope to balance our budget when no cuts can ever be made anywhere? Something has to give here.

Our elected officials want to cut nothing yet claim they want to balance the budget. It doesn’t work that way! When money is tight at home, you have to go without something. Time for them to figure out how to do that!

“We’re not going to approve this budget reduction. It’s insane. It makes no sense,” said Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, chairman of the Appropriations subcommittee that oversees the State Department and foreign aid budget.

“I don’t know who writes these things over in the White House, but they clearly don’t understand the value of soft power,” the Republican senator, a close Trump ally on many issues, told a subcommittee hearing on the foreign aid budget.

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Graham also called the plan “short-sighted” and said the Appropriations panel would restore funding to previous levels, rather than enacting the 23 percent cut Trump proposed earlier this year. [Associated Press]

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The United States Government spends more money than it takes in. I guess we can either cut domestic spending or reduce foreign aid. At least Trump understands that the free flow of funds to outside countries has to be curbed.

Why is it that it makes perfect sense to all the people who voted for Trump and the majority of Americans. The problem with the senate and congress is that they represent themselves and “their” self-interests, not the American public. I don’t care what the Senate on either side feels; they don’t equally represent America, Trump does. Maybe this country doesn’t need a Senate of two parties. Did anyone ever think it hasn’t worked thus far, why criticize someone for wanting to try something that hasn’t been done before? Try it and see what happens; it may work out better than anything else that’s been done in the past.

At some point, we are going to have to cut spending AND increase revenue. It’s inevitable. Both sides are going to have to back off from their respective positions, meet in the middle and get our financial house in order.

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We give out way too much in foreign aid. I should be prioritized just like the NIH does for research grants. A budget is set, proposals are made and ranked by experts and then funded to the extent of the budget. Keep about 25% in reserve for emergencies. A 23% cut is reasonable given the deficit.

This is precisely why the USA will never get a handle on the national debt, which is now at 22 trillion because neither party ever wants to cut back on spending and giving. The national debt will one day be the economic downfall of this country.

I have a novel idea. Why not cut all aid to foreign governments and spend the money on our crumbling infrastructure? (See the article below) When the infrastructure is back in good shape, then we can start aiding foreign governments again.




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