Rep. Nancy Pelosi didn’t take too kindly when Kelly O’Donnell, NBC News reporter, challenged her “rhetoric” that seemed to provoke President Trump rather than trying to persuade him to work with Congress.

This exchange went down during Pelosi’s regularly scheduled Thursday press conference where she continued to attack Trump over walking out of their Wednesday meeting after Pelosi told the media that the sitting president was engaged in a cover-up.

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When O’Donnell questioned Pelosi about her use of the word “cover-up,” she bit back by claiming the reporter had accepted Trump’s “excuse.”

“Well, you have bought into his excuse. That was not a reason that he did that yesterday. That was an excuse for him to do that,” Pelosi said.

“And with all due respect your question, I do not intend to not to honor my oath of office, nor do my colleagues in the House of Representatives, to honor our oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution, which has a system of checks and balances, a separation of power in it, and again, it’s a question of the American people understanding that what he is doing is an assault on the Constitution of the United States,” Pelosi continued, over protestations from O’Donnell.

“We can walk and chew gum at the same time,” Pelosi said. “I hope he can too.”

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As you can see, the Democrats have implemented a strategy to provoke angry responses from President Trump. Hopefully, he doesn’t take the bait, but history shows he will respond.




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