My anecdotal experience tells me the judge is always wrong when it comes to President Trump, these days. He’s a Never-Trumper, probably more so than most Democrats.

Judge Nap should know it is illegal to investigate a man to search for a crime. Anything that comes as a result of such tyranny is the fruit of the poison tree, and Judge Napolitano should know this.

President Trump called out Napolitano’s reporting a couple of weeks ago after Havard Professor Alan Dershowitz called out some tainted analysis done by the Judge during a Fox News show.

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The Wrap reported Napolitano’s screen time has diminished since President Trump called him out a couple of weeks ago.

Napolitano should know there was no probable cause to investigate Trump because there was no crime, except of course Hillary’s destruction of evidence and multiple other felonies. So, I don’t give a crap what Barr’s letter says if Napolitano gave a crap about the US Constitution, he would be vilifying this witch hunt. He has spent the last two years making an ass out of himself because of his hatred, which consumes him so much he has done a 180 on his outlook on law and due process.

Napolitano had 123 appearances on Fox News and Fox Business in the last eight weeks compared with 150 appearances during the same time period last year — an 18% decrease — according to TheWrap.

Last month, Napolitano, 68, said special counsel Robert Mueller’s findings “might be enough to prosecute” the president for obstruction of justice. He also called Trump’s behavior “unlawful, defenseless, and condemnable.”

Trump fired back at the analyst, saying Napolitano has been “very hostile” since he asked the president to appoint him to the Supreme Court and to pardon a friend. [Washington Examiner]

What’s ironic is the judge fancies himself a critic of the surveillance state. When faced with the most apparent abuse in the history of the nation, he bends over and then bends down to the surveillance apparatus.

Pathetic. How do you look yourself in the mirror, Judge? Or do you even have a reflection? Are you soulless?

I don’t believe Trump obstructed justice, but it is quite possible for one to do so, even if there is no valid claim of a crime. If you are under investigation, whether the allegation is valid or not, if you do anything to tamper with witnesses, destroy “evidence” or otherwise keep the investigator from fully performing his/her job, then you have obstructed justice even if you are found innocent of the alleged crime.




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