President Trump hasn’t gone to war with Iran; however, if they attack first, Trump doesn’t need congressional approval to retaliate immediately, but not according to everyone.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi has been trying to assert her self-perceived authority over President Trump since he stepped foot in the Oval Office. She speaks to the media every Thursday even when she wasn’t Speaker of the House and said some of the most outlandish things without respecting those she targets.

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Pelosi told reporters that President Trump had no appetite for war with Iran, and while he might have said something close to this, hearing her state, this made me feel she was chopping him down as if he wasn’t man enough. She “warned” that Trump didn’t have the authority to go to war without the approval of Congress.

What Nancy is not saying, and quite possible is too unaware to remember, is that the President can commit our military to any action anywhere in the world without even notifying Congress for 48 hours and then can keep them there 60 days without the need of any Congressional approval or authorization, and take an additional 30 days to effect their withdrawal. That is the law as stipulated by the War Powers Act. There is not a thing Congress could do if the President remains within those parameters. The law was passed to prevent the President from committing to a prolonged engagement without Congress’ approval, but the parameters within the law allow for the President to act without Congress in the short term.

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told reporters that she backed what appeared to be U.S. President Donald Trump’s aversion to actual military conflict with Tehran.

“I like what I hear from the president — that he has no appetite on this,” she said. The Washington Post, citing several unnamed U.S. officials, reported late Wednesday that Trump was frustrated that his advisers may be rushing into war and that he preferred a more diplomatic approach and direct talks with Iran.

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Pelosi also told reporters that the Republican administration would provide a classified briefing for top lawmakers — the so-called Gang of Eight — on Iran later on Thursday.

“This is part of a pattern that is not right because we have responsibilities — the responsibility in the Constitution is for the Congress to declare war, so I hope the president’s advisers recognize that they have no authorization to go forward in any way,” she said. [Reuters]

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First of all, I don’t remember President Trump saying anything about war with Iran, but he did say, “I hope not!” Secondly Pelosi, who asked you anything about it? Congress has not approved King Obama’s DACA, yet Democrats pretend it’s a law.

The President needs not to declare war on Iran and thus requires no Congressional authorization for that. Iran has, under international law, committed a most brazen and undeniable act of war against the USA by attacking an occupying the US embassy that is the US sovereign territory and capturing, detaining, and mistreating the US diplomats. All the President legally needs to do is direct the US military to respond within the state of war that already exists as the result of these actions by Iran.

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Pelosi, you gave away Congressional responsibilities when Bush asked, and you gave, the President the power to go to war on his own say so. Congress has been giving away its responsibilities to the executive branch for decades, likely due to spending all its time raising money for never-ending re-elections, not leaving Congress enough time to deal with more important things.

Out of all of the wars, the United States has been in since Congress has never approved World War II. They get around this by not declaring it a war. Congress has set on its hands ever since World War II. The President has 90 days before being required to get Congressional approval for military action. Dubya did the same thing.

There is no war against Iran in progress. But, the president, all presidents, have had the responsibility to protect American interests when attacked by a foreign power; and to fulfill treaty obligations when an ally is attacked.



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