Rep. Nancy Pelosi is channeling her inner Robespierre when it comes to attacking President Trump these days.

Perhaps she will propose to combine the House Intelligence and Judiciary committees, renaming them the Committee of Public Safety. Obama tried his revolution through “weaponization” of the DOJ, IRS, the Intelligence Community, and the other organs of the administrative state, and failed.

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Now it is Pelosi’s turn to try using Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as a distraction; she can get about the business of obstructing lawful government efforts to enforce of the rule of law, whether it be DOJ investigations or border enforcement, to create revolutionary conditions by the Left.

Transcript from the video below:

Well, that is a path. That would be inherent contempt. The contempt civil contempt, criminal contempt, and inherent contempt. And if they fail to–to a path I’m not saying an intent but I’m saying again then I mentioned to Katie that this is one of the possibilities that is out there. I am not saying that we are going down that path, I’m just saying it is not to be excluded. Nothing is to be off the table. So in inherent contempt you send a subpoena, they don’t honor it then hold them in contempt and if they do not comply then you can fine them. And then you can hold them accountable for the money that you fine them.

So, for people who work in a–in federal government or administration who now are having to hire lawyers who is paying for that? The Republican National Committee the President says–well, that’s interesting. Is that even legal? I don’t know. Doesn’t seem to bother them whether it is or not. But the–you have you can fine them and then hold them accountable if they don’t pay the fines. I’m just saying it is an approach–it is an approach is what I am saying.

I don’t have to have a position I’m waiting for my first we want–as I said to Katie we want to see what we can get respectfully. First, we ask–first we ask then we are subpoena friendly. Then we subpoena otherwise and then we see what we get. So, let’s not leapfrog over what we think should be the path that–that should be taken. But I only say to you whether it’s using impeachment among other purposes for investigation or whether it’s using fines as an incentive for people to earlier on supply information that’s–it’s a possibility. It’s not something that–as I said, I’m a big believer in the committee system. I have great confidence in our committee chairs and how they go forward.

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Pelosi and her Communists will need to be very careful in all this lest they find themselves charged with actual obstruction of Justice. It turns out the direct GPS Fusion-DOJ connection has been deleted emails giving details. It turns out that the actual documentary evidence is pointing deeper into the Executive Office of the President. Turns out that increasingly the proven liars to Congress who headed the so-called “Intelligence Community” are throwing each other under the bus.

Frustrated authoritarians often like to pretend they have law enforcement powers. So, exactly what did Representatives Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, and Nancy Pelosi know and when did they know it? In their defense of Clinton’s Big Lie, it seems to me that they protest too much.




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